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Upgrade Wheel Rim Hub Sets For Surron Light Bee / Segway X160 & X260

   Light bees are mainly used for exploration and travel.

   The whole frame is only 7.8Kg, the front wheel can be quickly removed into the car trunk, is an extremely convenient cross-country travel motorcycle.

 Sur-Ron motorcycle And Other Electric Offroad all Upgrade parts summary commodity page.

Three sets of wheel rim hub sets of different sizes

Note: Restricted to use only 90 width rear wheels.

Stainless steel spokes generally have strong mechanical properties and high strength.

The cross-woven spokes rotate between the spokes when the force is applied and released, rather than being concentrated in one place, making them adaptable on some rough and bumpy roads.

Spokes are flexible, they absorb some of the rebound from ground travel, reducing the damage sustained on the main frame.

The wheel hub located in the center of a motorcycle wheel and help connect the wheel to the body of the bike.

The wheel hub will continue to wear in the driving process, so the choice of the wheel hub is more focused on quality, in order to prevent potential safety hazards.

Aluminum alloy material using CNC processing technology, increase the strength of the wheel hub.

In a variety of rugged terrain driving more durable, increased the safety of the motorcycle.

Oil seal is used to prevent the leakage and penetration of lubricating oil or other oils, and can also prevent the infiltration of sediment, dust and water vapor.