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Axle Block & Disc Guard & Front and Rear Brake Disc Are Modified For Sur-Ron Light Bee X / Segway X160 & X260

   Light bees are mainly used for exploration and travel.

   The whole frame is only 7.8Kg, the front wheel can be quickly removed into the car trunk, is an extremely convenient cross-country travel motorcycle.

  Sur-Ron motorcycle And Other Electric Offroad all Upgrade parts summary commodity page.

一、Adjuster Axle Block

Motorcycle in riding a certain distance,different driving habits and road conditions have different degrees of wear on the chain.The bearings should be regularly checked and lubricated on adjust the chain according to different driving conditions.

Chain Adjuster Axle Block can adjust the chain tension by turning the adjusting bolt and moving the shaft block forward or backward.

The new shape of the modified parts improves the appearance;New L/R mark and adjustment scale line;Bolt and shaft block can be moved at the same time, more convenient adjustment.

二、Disc Guard

Disc Guard is a brake disc protection cover required by off-road vehicle riders to prevent brake disc collision.

Disc Guard in the rear drive process to help transfer rocks and other road obstacles, and prevent road dirt and garbage accumulation.

The Axle Block is a small tool that can help the rider in daily riding and maintenance of the motorcycle.
The Disc Guard is equipped to reduce damage to the brake disc.

三、Front Floating Brake Disc And Rear Brake Disc

Brake disc as an important part of the brake system, brake calipers clamp brake disc to produce braking force, play a role in slowing down or stopping.

The front disc has a floating design, and the pattern is more athletic.Double disc thickness is increased from 1.8mm to 2.0mm for longer service life.