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Rear Brake Disc Guard And Protective Side Panels for Sur-ron Storm Bee


Design and produce higher quality and durable retrofit accessories for stormm bee.

Retrofit storm bee for accessory upgrades and body structure protection.

一、Rear Brake Disc Guard

6061 T6 Aluminum and CNC Machining,Not easy to wear and durable. Anodized multicolor,More options.

Reduces the chance of rocks, stumps, and sticks from damaging your motorcycle rear brake rotor.

Brake Disc Guards help deflect rocks and other debris from damaging the rear disc rotor,while preventing mud from packing.

二、Protective Side Panel

With anodized finish,It makes your bike look fashion,A variety of color options.

6061 T6 aluminum and CNC machined.Heat tolerance and sturdy scratch resistance. It is not easy to break and no deformation after long using time.

When the motorcycle falls to the ground, buffer the force of the ground and the body to prevent the body and the ground from directly contacting.

Reduce damage to various parts of the car and reduce self-loss.