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Upgrade Rear Caliper and Small Sprocket Guard For Sur-Ron Storm Bee

Design and produce higher quality and durable retrofit accessories for stormm bee.

Retrofit storm bee for accessory upgrades and body structure protection.

 一、Rear Caliper Guard

The rear caliper guard is a safety protection accessory, which can effectively block the sand and gravel caused by wheel movement or body falling.

With anodized finish,It makes your bike look fashion,A variety of color options.

This accessory protects the rear caliper of the motorcycle, gives a better appearance to the motorcycle.


二、Small Sprocket Guard

sprocket guard protect your sprocket from damage caused by road debris and sand

The sprocket guard is made of Aluminum and CNC Machining, Can be used for a long time, durable.

In the meantime, sprocket guard can protect the motorcycle chain from impact and abrasion.