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Upgrade Front Sprocket Cover And AirTag Locator Bracket For Sur-Ron Light Bee X / Segway X160 X260

   Light bee mainly used for exploration and travel.

   The whole frame is only 7.8Kg, the front wheel can be quickly removed into the car trunk, is an extremely convenient cross-country travel motorcycle.

  Sur-Ron motorcycle And Other Electric Offroad all Upgrade parts summary commodity page.

一、Front Sprocket Cover

The main function of the sprocket cover is to protect the small sprocket and belt.

Use 6061 aluminum surface oxidation to replace the original motorcycle plastic sprocket cover.

The aluminum parts are light in weight, high in strength and novel in shape.

The sprocket cover is designed to be fully enclosed, and the sand and gravel cannot hit the sprocket and belt.


    二、 Locator Bracket

    Add anti-theft function, design and procude can add locator bracket.

    The locator is hidden in the motorcycle body and is not easy to see

    Internal locking nut to prevent quick removal.