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Front Handle Bracket and Display Relocation Bracket Are Modified For Sur-Ron Light Bee X / Segway X160 x260

   Sur-Ron Light bee mainly used for exploration and travel.

   The whole frame is only 7.8Kg, the front wheel can be quickly removed into the car trunk, is an extremely convenient cross-country travel motorcycle.

   For light bee launched a series of upgrades and modifications.

  Sur-Ron motorcycle And Other Electric Offroad all Upgrade parts summary commodity page.

一、Front Handle Bracket

Light bee original handlebar position is fixed, different people have different feelings on the height of the handlebar, high and low inappropriate handlebar will affect the maneuverability and comfort of driving.

The original handlebar is too low, the modified handlebar bracket is fixed on the upper link plate with four screws, and the installation is more firm. Raise the handlebars 50mm.

 二、Digital Display Relocation Bracket

Motorcycle digital display is located on the surface of the motorcycle without shelter.

Especially the off-road motorcycle in mountain road, forest road and other rugged terrain driving, motorcycle bumpy feeling is relatively strong.

The motorcycle body will experience a series of impact, etc...




The digital display is more likely to be damaged by impact when there is no external shielding or insufficient fixed support.

The new modified digital display bracket adds the inner support of the display to fully surround the display and fix it.