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Upgrade Rear Shock Absorber And Reinforced Suspension Triangle For Sur-Ron Light Bee X / Segway X160 & X260

   Intersect TR rear suspension system is independently developed by Lightwater. The multi-link rear suspension system created by Intersect TR is integrated in appearance and vehicle modeling structure.

  Sur-Ron motorcycle And Other Electric Offroad all Upgrade parts summary commodity page.

一、Linkage Reinforces With Roller Bearings

The filter performance is adjusted according to the characteristics of use, so that the tires continue to maintain the best grip.

The modified product realizes an integrated design and is easy to disassemble. Enhanced appearance after oxidation.

The new bearing oil seal replaces the original gasket, and the local thickness is increased to maximize the strength of the product.

二、Reinforced Rear Suspension Triangle

The road of off-road vehicles is often rugged, and the most basic of off-road vehicles is jumping demand.

The original frame is prone to break during jumping and other off-road performances.

After the reinforcement, the overall thickness of the support is increased to 22mm, and two reinforcement bars are added for stronger strength.

The appearance of milling white and hollow design, enhance the beauty.
Linkage reinforced with roller bearings and reinforced progression triangle together form a reinforced rear suspension mechanism,The suspension part can bear great pressure in driving.