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Motorcycle Footpegs Detailed Function Description And Video Introduction For KTM

Riders should keep their feet on the footpegs whenever their motorcycle is moving to retain control and balance.

The footpegs are your main connection to the motorcycle and affect your body position and foot control.
Dirt bikes in particular are used for exploration and travel, where more of the rider's body weight is placed on the footpeg.So upgrading the footpeg can make a significant difference in comfort and control.

Made from 7075 aluminum,CNC machined.Aluminum alloy material, so that the product strength increases, oxidation color variety, bright and lightweight.

The hollow out design of the product optimizes the weight of the product while ensuring the structural strength.

Stainless steel screw, rust, corrosion resistance, increase screw strength, long service life.

The main advantage of footpegs is increased friction, which depends on the shape, number and sharpness of the teeth.

The sharper the teeth, the more friction they create with the sole of the shoe and the stronger the grip of the foot, increasing the rider's control over the body and the motocycle.

The footpeg also has the advantage of protecting the motorcycle : especially on cross-country trips, when the motorcycle is still on the ground, the footpeg can reduce the friction of the motorcycle as soon as it hits the ground.


 Detailed Video introduction