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Better knowing and learning install aluminum side cases for BMW R1200GS

Motorcycle adventure travelling, it is a part of a lot of riders' life.Carrying enough supplies is the most important prerequisite for adventure travel.

There are many ways to carry equipment on a motorcycle, such as saddlebags or straps. However, this method has many disadvantages : low security, poor stability, inconvenient storage and so on.

The original carrying tools have gradually been replaced by aluminum side boxes.

A well-designed, properly installed aluminum side box can provide riders with greater material capacity.At the same time, the top frame and side frame used by the side box are installed to keep the luggage away from the rider and provide a spacious riding environment for the rider.

The installation of side box can also play a safety role, when the car falls down in cycling instability, the volume of the side box can separate the rider's body from the ground contact, improve the safety factor.Durable enough, it was built to withstand the rough and tumble of riding in the backwoods.

An all-weather aluminum side case with a full drain of water helps keep your luggage dry.
The case offers reliable anti-theft storage and comes with a stainless steel latch.High temperature resistant nano coating is sprayed on the surface of aluminum plate to solve the problems of blackening and wear in daily use.

Basic styles and colors support riders to use their imagination to complete a series of DIY favorites. 

The video of side box installation takes BMW R1200GS as an example