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Upgrade Footpeg & Footrest & Adjustable Side Stand for Sur-Ron Light Bee X / Segway X160 X260 / Talaria Sting (Exclude Footrest)

   Light bee X mainly used for exploration and travel.

   The whole frame is only 7.8Kg, the front wheel can be quickly removed into the car trunk, is an extremely convenient cross-country travel motorcycle.

   For light bee launched a series of upgrades and modifications

Sur-Ron And Other Electric Offroad all Upgrade parts summary commodity page.

一、Billet Footpeg

Light bee mainly used for exploration and travel, with more of the rider's body weight resting on the footpegs during the ride. As a result, upgraded footpegs can make a significant difference in comfort and handling.

Aluminum alloy material, so that the product strength increased, oxidation color variety, bright color and lightweight products.The hollow out design of the product further optimizes the weight of the product while ensuring the structural strength.

The main advantage of footpegs is increased friction,The sharper the teeth, the more friction they create with the sole of the shoe and the stronger the grip of the foot, increasing the rider's control over the body and the motocycle


Light bee original vehicle footrest fixed position can not be adjusted, there is no design of rear seat passenger foot.

Design and production refitted footrest, in the original footrest on the basis of the new adjustable foot.The main footrest has five new positions for the rider to adjust the comfortable direction, and the auxiliary footrest adopts anti-slip knurled thread design.

 三、Adjustable Side Stand

Modified new extendable stand, the extendable stand can be stretched to adjust the length, CNC workpiece weight is lighter than the original motorcycle, the extendable stand can be adjusted up and down a total of 30mm, Increase the support area, vehicle parking more stable.

The modified new Extendable Stand can meet the requirements of different complex terrain and different sizes of wheels parking.