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Aluminum Hydraulic Rear Foot Brake For Talaria Sting Electric Dirt Bike

The Rear Foot Brake Pedal is located on the right side of the motorcycle just in front of the foot peg. It is connected to the rear master cylinder. Pressure on the brake pedal by the right foot controls the rear brakes of the motorcycle.

Hydraulic brakes transfer energy to stop an object, normally a rotating axle. In a very simple brake system, with just two cylinders and a disc brake, the cylinders could be connected via tubes, with a piston inside the cylinders.

When the piston moves, hydraulic pressure is transmitted through the fluid to the brake caliper, where it acts against a much larger piston. The larger piston multiplies the force to press the brake pad against the disc, slowing the motorcycle.

Hydraulic brakes are significantly easier to modulate than mechanical brakes; you get more force delivered to the pads, and, as a result, more stopping power for the same input.


Install the Hydraulic Rear Foot Brake