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130mm Extended Rear Fender Mud Guard for Sur-ron Light Bee X / Light Bee S / Segway X260

The rear fender of a motorcycle is a component located at the back of the motorcycle that covers the rear wheel. It is typically made of metal or plastic and serves several purposes.

Extended fenders, are a type of motorcycle fender that extends further than a standard fender. 

Here are some of the advantages of an extended fender :

1、Better Protection : Extended fenders provide more coverage for the rider and the motorcycle, protecting them from road debris, mud, and water. This can be particularly useful for riders who frequently ride in wet or muddy conditions.

2、Enhanced Aesthetics : Extended fenders can give a custom look to a motorcycle They can make the bike look longer and sleeker. (Research and development of different colors of extended fender to meet the needs of different styles of refit design.)

3、Improved Airflow : The longer fender can help direct airflow around the rear wheel, improving aerodynamics and handling, especially at higher speeds.resulting in better acceleration and handling.

4、Increased tire clearance : The extended fender can provide more clearance for larger or wider rear tires, allowing riders to customize their motorcycle with a larger tire without worrying about it rubbing against the fender.

Can be particularly useful for riders who want to express their individuality and personal style.